Grew assets under management to USD 50 billion and increased return by 50 bps

Together with our client, an international asset manager, we developed and implemented an ambitious and profitable growth strategy, focusing on increasing the depth of value creation, improving flexibility, and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. Through our joint efforts, the following accomplishments stand out:

  1. Increased €50 billion in assets under management through expansion of sourcing activities and improved performance improvement by 50 bps, while considering the risk-reward profile and enhancing sustainability development
  2. Introduced clear production responsibility and adjusted process organization resulted in a 30% increase in organizational efficiency
  3. Modernized IT landscape, leading to improved digitalization and effective data management

In addition to strong growth and increased productivity, the project emphasized the importance of a more agile organization, cultural change, transparency, and leadership. We worked closely with the client to ensure successful change management throughout implementation of the project.