About us:

Consulting means inspiring.

We are a leading international management consulting company with a focus on Real Estate Management and Brands & Retail. Our clients are attended by us individually and personally. For more check the following:

Our commitment:

Consulting means realising.

Succesful collaboaration is based on one strong fundament: mutual trust. We strive for exceeding your expectations regarding expertise as well as on the human level.

Real Estate

Consulting means understanding.

The market is changing faster every day, the requirements are becoming more complex, new approaches more sophisticated.
We meet these challenges together with our clients on eye level:

Brands & Retail:

Consulting means going the extra mile.

Key objective of our clients is to strengthen uniqueness, desirability and consistency of their brands as well as flexibility, speed and internationality of their organizations.

Research & News:

Consulting means moving ahead.

Our clients benefit from the latest developments and trends in the market. Therefore we think „end to end“ and keep on developing and enhancing our approaches.


Consulting means developing.

For best external performance we also bank on intrinsic values: Our collaboration in the team is based on fairness, trust and mutual motivation.

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