Integrated facility management produced 15% cost savings without loss of quality

We collaborated with a leading financial services provider to integrate and bundle their facility management services (hard and soft FM) across their locations. Our comprehensive FM concept ensured sustainable success while maintaining compliance. The approach focused on the following key areas:

  1. Budget security through the service provider's savings obligation ("Saving Glidepath") with incentives
  2. Flexibly designed IFM contract ensuring legal and operational responsibility
  3. Optimized cooperation between the internal and external FM organizations to reduce interfaces
  4. Output orientation for transparent service provision (today and tomorrow)
  5. Simplified processes, e.g., through highly digitalized ticketing system
  6. Effective control system to relieve the internal organization
  7. Sustainable and digital solutions for state-of-the-art service provision

For us, an IFM implementation is considered successful only if it leads to a long-term improvement in our client's competitive position. We prioritized active change management to ensure full acceptance by both users and the service provider.

Agile structures in global corporate real estate management reduced 18% of real estate costs

We partnered with a global manufacturing company to deliver a sustainable 18% annual reduction in total occupancy costs through agile structures and global portfolio instruments. By actively implementing the following potential levers, we were able to achieve our objectives:

  1. Optimized space requirements and location consolidation for improved space efficiency
  2. Agile structures with focus on value-creating activities and digitalization for more efficient resource use
  3. Critical date management for rental contracts for active contract management
  4. Timely demand management and clearly defined decision-making processes for optimized project management
  5. Standardized and harmonized FM services
  6. KPI-driven control system for improved transparency

We provided active support to our client from the strategy through implementation process, and together we achieved sustainable EBIT effects.

Hybrid Work strategy avoided a real estate cost increase of 20%

Our client, a growing automotive company, was facing a potential 20% increase in Total Occupancy Costs due to employee growth. We helped avoid this cost increase by developing and implementing a Hybrid Work strategy. Through desk sharing and redesigning existing office space, we were able to make the workplace more efficient and future-proof. The following benefits were achieved:

  1. Reduced space requirements through remote work and desk sharing
  2. Increased employee satisfaction through office space redesigns
  3. Competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent through modern office space
  4. Improved collaboration of hybrid teams through advanced technology
  5. ESG compliance and sustainability through a re-use and recycle concept

Our success is demonstrated by over 80% of employees voluntarily adopting the desk sharing concept.

Asset management restructuring and insourcing saved 40% of real estate costs and improved service and data quality

We partnered with a leading global investment and asset management company to enhance the service and data quality of their property management controlling services, while also reducing the cost base by 40% annually. Through the reorganization and insourcing of these tasks, we achieved the following:

  1. Implemented an improved IT system with harmonized interfaces to pan-European property management service providers
  2. Improved data quality for asset managers
  3. Optimized critical date management through competence building and internalization
  4. Simplified and strengthened property management team
  5. Established clearly defined processes within the governance and digitalization model

Together with our client, we have ensured that the project and investment costs paid for themselves in just 13 months.

International investment strategy development with a target investment volume of USD 1 billion

In collaboration with our client, a Swiss pension fund, we successfully launched cross-border investment products aimed at institutional investors. Our active support covered the following areas:

  1. Defined target markets and asset classes
  2. Structured investment vehicles
  3. Implemented innovative market access models
  4. Developed and applied framework conditions within the organization
  5. Selected and onboarded managers
  6. Facilitated the local and Luxembourg admission of these investment vehicles

Grew assets under management to USD 50 billion and increased return by 50 bps

Together with our client, an international asset manager, we developed and implemented an ambitious and profitable growth strategy, focusing on increasing the depth of value creation, improving flexibility, and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. Through our joint efforts, the following accomplishments stand out:

  1. Increased €50 billion in assets under management through expansion of sourcing activities and improved performance improvement by 50 bps, while considering the risk-reward profile and enhancing sustainability development
  2. Introduced clear production responsibility and adjusted process organization resulted in a 30% increase in organizational efficiency
  3. Modernized IT landscape, leading to improved digitalization and effective data management

In addition to strong growth and increased productivity, the project emphasized the importance of a more agile organization, cultural change, transparency, and leadership. We worked closely with the client to ensure successful change management throughout implementation of the project.