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Changes in capital markets and consumer behavior, price and liquidity volatility, geopolitical uncertainty: the real estate industry is facing significant challenges in the 2020s.

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Our Clients in the Real Estate Industry

TME Associates is the management consultancy for institutional, semi-professional, and private investors, leading European and global real estate investment and asset managers and holders, as well as medium and small real estate boutiques and specialists. Additionally, we advise nationally and internationally operating real estate investment management companies as well as leading German and international real estate service providers.

Whatever your real estate investment needs, TME Associates has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Reflecting on a Decade of Real Estate Success

The real estate industry has faced numerous obstacles in the recent past, yet from 2010 it can look back on an exceptionally successful decade. This can be attributed to a stable geopolitical environment and sustained low interest rates that provided a strong foundation for growth.

However, these favorable conditions also delayed the industry's need for transformation to navigate the increasingly complex real estate landscape. As the industry now recognizes, it is essential to address this transformation to achieve continued success in the future.

Opportunities for Change

It is clear that there is a need for a transformation in the way real estate investments are managed, presenting an opportunity for change. The Covid-19 pandemic has only heightened the need for a transformation that aligns with modern business and production models. Without such alignment, the challenges will not be met effectively, both internally and in interaction with others.

Continuous Improvement

TME accompanies investors and managers who are coping with corporate transformation. We are committed to partnering with business leaders in achieving the harmonious interaction of people, processes, and technologies. We understand that more efficient operational processes, better collaboration, and a positive customer experience are essential to succeeding in today’s competitive business environment. That’s why we believe that operational excellence is not a one-time achievement, but rather a continuous process of improvement that requires ongoing dedication and effort.

Complex Environment for Real Estate Investment

The real estate industry faces a range of global factors, requiring owners, operators, tenants, investors, and lenders to navigate an uncertain real estate market in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Real Estate Industry Challenges of the 2020s:

Dynamic shifts in capital markets, fluctuating economic and consumer conditions, emerging technologies, volatility in prices and liquidity, and a growing number of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.

Additional challenges include urbanization, geopolitical instability, rising interest rates, scarcity of supply, increased regulation, efforts to address climate change, and a growing trend towards digitalization.

Despite available capital, there is a lack of attractive investment opportunities that offer good value and future resilience. This, coupled with lingering uncertainty among investors, creates further obstacles for the real estate industry.

The TME Fields of Competence

With its six areas of expertise, TME Associates is uniquely positioned to meet the broad range of challenges that corporate real estate management presents:

Investment Advisory

Alternative investments are becoming increasingly important to meet investor expectations. With our international expertise in structures and regulations, we support our clients in product strategy, provider selection and management of holistic investments.

Portfolio Transformation

Changes like hybrid/flexible work, sustainability regulations, and supply chain shifts require new, blended thinking in portfolio management. We support clients with portfolio management guidance and workplace strategy through operational transformation - without conflicts of interest.

Performance & Agility

Driving quality outcomes, performance targets and international agility is even more important in challenging times. We develop cutting-edge international real estate management strategies for growth, value creation, productivity and cultural change in times of change and transformation.

Customer Centric Services

Customer-focused services such as property & facility management are driven by outsourcing, bundling and modern provider models. We support clients in the global management of their portfolios, from outsourcing and tenders to operational management tools. We take partnering to a new level.


Paying attention to compliance with market regulations with compliant impacts that enhance sustainable stability and performance is increasingly vital. We achieve long-term impact and competitive advantages through appropriate ESG/sustainability strategies, product diversification and suitable retrofitting integration. In doing so, we support our clients to achieve sustainable measures and smart solutions.


Having a holistic view of efficient and effective processes, tools and systems brings the right players together and enables new business models. We have our finger on the pulse of market development and innovation. We design, optimize, and implement digital transformation for our clients so everyone is aligned and efficient.