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Future Fit
Real Estate Portfolios

The call for sustainability and consumption efficiency, changing demographics and New Work is changing the real estate landscape: Your portfolio of tomorrow will look different from your portfolio of today. We help you navigate this change and create a future-fit real estate portfolio that meets the demands of the changing market and aligns with your business objectives.

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A Society – its Values – in Transition

Pressure for change in Real Estate portfolios

Change is not only essential within organizations, but also within society as a whole. The pace of these changes is accelerating. Not only does this make decisions about real estate portfolios increasingly challenging, but the uncertainty stemming from global issues such as climate change, political conflicts, and economic shifts is also adding to the complexity.

As real estate experts, we have been closely monitoring these developments for decades. We identify global trends, record changes in politics and legislation, and recognize social change.

Experience and knowledge form the basis of our consulting services.

Dr. Christina Hilger
Portfolio Transformation

„Real estate has evolved beyond its traditional function of providing shelter. It plays a vital role in influencing socio-economic changes. The spaces we occupy shape our culture and express our identity.“

Transformation of portfolios and Portfolio Management

The goal of transformation is a modern and flexible portfolio strategy that aligns with current socio-cultural changes and incorporates them into internal strategies and needs of the company.

Eight Trends That Will Permanently Change Real Estate:

From "Ego" to "Eco"

Sustainability and consumption efficiencies are increasingly important factors in decision making and must be reflected in real estate portfolios.

Reuse, Recycle, and Regenerate

Sustainability is not only driven by consumption efficiency, but also encompasses the use and reuse of materials.

New Demographic Trends

Demographic changes require real estate and neighborhoods to adapt to new forms of urban coexistence.


Societies and urban spaces must adapt to changes in demographics and increasing diversity.

Social Inequalities

Real estate decisions must take into account the growing social disparities in society.

New Work

Change in work environments and styles impact building requirements,  usage, design, and location.


Social changes and uncertainty lead to volatility in the real estate market, but the trend of urbanization continues.

Sharing and Co-Habitat

The sharing economy is having an increasing impact on the real estate industry.

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Portfolio Management in Corporate Real Estate

Changes in Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Management

Corporate real estate managers are facing growing pressure to adapt to both external market changes and internal company needs.

Three Key Trends Impacting Portfolio Management of Corporate Real Estate:

  • „From Static to Dynamic“
    The traditional hierarchical structures of corporations are becoming more fluid. New technologies are blurring the boundaries of physical location. In order to navigate this rapidly changing global and digital landscape, corporate real estate managers must embrace a more flexible approach to portfolio management.
  • New Work
    As employees and decision-makers demand more flexibility and a new leadership style, the modern office concept is becoming increasingly important. To attract and retain top talent, companies must prioritize employee engagement, motivation and a strong corporate culture.
  • Global Uncertainty
    With shorter product lifecycles and a more uncertain business environment, the gap between the lifecycle of a commercial property and product is widening. Corporate real estate managers must now focus on navigating change, rather than solely providing space, and become more strategic in their real estate decisions.

Repositioning CREM: Hurdles and Chances

Portfolio Transformation leads to a new CREM role

The role of a Corporate Real Estate Manager is evolving as new challenges arise in the industry. As a result, they are taking on the role of Change Manager for the Board of Directors.

While this transformation process provides a unique opportunity to reposition CREM, it requires cooperation with other departments such as IT, HR, and Finance.

CREM organizations must overcome several hurdles in order to achieve success, including:

  • Real estate management being viewed as a secondary process, leading to limited access to budgets and resources.
  • Increasing complexity of the portfolio transformation process, involving a variety of stakeholders with different interests.
  • A disconnect between the global CREM team at headquarters and local managers at the sites, making knowledge transfer and adapting strategy to local conditions difficult.
  • The need to evaluate and decide on portfolio changes based on profitability in addition to factors such as ESG and changing working environments.

From Strategy to Operational Results

TME Transformation Management Experts offer comprehensive consulting solutions that drive results. We specialize in guiding clients from strategic planning to operational success, enabling transformations through a targeted focus on value-creating changes.

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Further Fields of Competence

Our Portfolio Transformation team closely collaborates with our experts in other fields of competence to provide a holistic perspective:


Data Models, Portfolio Management Systems


ESG and Sustainability

Performance & Agility

Processes and Structures for Portfolio Management

Investment Advisory

Investment Strategy, Manager and Product selection, and Compliance Requirements

Customer Centric Services

Decarbonization Concepts in Operations, ESG Implementation in Facility and Property Management

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