TME Associates and Bulwiengesa collaborate in strategic consulting

Disruptions in the real estate market, such as the downturn in the investment market and property development business, require many companies in the real estate industry to develop new strategies and adjust their business models. Analytical and consulting firm Bulwiengesa and real estate-focused management consultancy TME Associates have agreed to cooperate in advising companies. The goal is to provide support in the strategic realignment of companies and their operational implementation.

Sven Carstensen, Board Member at Bulwiengesa, says, "Global trends are having a massive impact on the daily lives of real estate market participants. Many are facing sales difficulties for their products for the first time because users can no longer afford them. Or the real estate portfolio needs restructuring, but there are question marks when it comes to finding new market opportunities. The topic of ESG also makes restructuring processes inevitable."

Andreas Morath, Managing Partner at TME Associates, adds, "Not all companies can survive the upcoming upheaval in their current form. Flexibility, adjustments, and changes to the business model, customer focus, and financing are inevitable, and speed is of the essence." Together with clients, specific areas of action will be identified, and a robust business model will be developed in multiple stages. Both firms are known for their independence and specialization in the real estate markets.

About bulwiengesa

Bulwiengesa is one of the major independent analysis and consulting companies in the real estate industry in continental Europe. For 40 years, Bulwiengesa has been supporting its partners and clients in various real estate-related issues, including location and market analyses, comprehensive data services, strategic consulting, and customized appraisals. Its subsidiary, bulwiengesa appraisal GmbH, conducts property valuations for individual properties as well as large portfolios. Bulwiengesa's data is used by institutions such as the German Bundesbank for the ECB and BIS.

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