Professional crisis management in Corporate Real Estate Management in times of COVID-19

TME Associates names levers to overcome the current crisis situation from the point of view of corporate real estate management.

At present, only one topic dominates the daily business of company management: How can we absorb the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic as well and as quickly as possible? Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) can make a significant contribution to crisis management. The challenge today is both to manage the necessary measures of the operative business with a sense of proportion and to contain the economic consequences. Due to declining sales, this can only be achieved through short-term cost savings. However, the costs for space and operation of company real estate are usually tied up in the long term, so a rethink is required in the medium term. TME Associates (TME) shows how CREM is ensuring its ability to act in the short term in the current crisis situation and names levers to establish competitiveness after Corona.

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