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We help you optimize your business model and investment portfolio to achieve long-term growth and success. By focusing on the identification and implementation of horizontal and vertical growth dimensions for products capital and presence alike, we are your trusted advisor.

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Strategy Development

Advancing growth strategies

Growth is an important goal for investment and asset managers. To achieve success, it is necessary to take into account both the interests of investors and the needs of the company. Developing an attractive and sustainable strategy that meets the needs of all stakeholders, requires an in-depth comprehension of the market, clients, and products.

As real estate experts, we have been closely observing the changing market environment for decades and are familiar with the opportunities and challenges that come with it. We possess the expertise to both specialize and diversify the product universe. Additionally, we understand the requirements of local markets in a global context and are well-versed in the increasing demands for sustainability in corporate and investment activities.

Experience and knowledge form the basis of our consulting services.

Dr. Wolfgang Speckhahn
Investment Advisory

„A deep understanding of markets, products, and capital is crucial for the success of any efforts to deepen or expand your existing business model and operational scope.“

Driving Growth through a Diverse Investment Strategy

To grow and develop a business, it is crucial to venture out of one's comfort zone. Looking beyond domestic borders and diversifying the portfolio can increase the potential investment spectrum and optimize the risk-return profile.

Current Trends in Investment Management:

Diversification of Investments

xpanding into new (cross-border) markets and sectors can lead to a more sustainable growth of the portfolio.

Local Expertise is Key

Having teams with local market knowledge and networks in place can make cross-market investment strategies more successful.

Specialization Brings Success

Specialized knowledge of markets, industries, and investment structures can make a company stand out from competitors.

Sustainable Investments are a Must

Meeting ESG and SDG requirements is crucial for the management of existing portfolios and creation of new products.

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Standing out from the market

Implementing new strategies

Designing innovative investment products (e.g., funds or SPVs) based on in-depths market assessments, is key to discovering sustainable options.

By conducting a comprehensive analysis and market research, we can identify the best opportunities and build a strategic plan that aligns with current trends and potential markets and countries.

The results are translated into a blueprint that outlines the product concept and guides the selection and (target) allocation of markets and countries as well as the thematic focus. This includes focusing on classic asset classes, like logistics, or specific investment strategies that combine individual asset classes and sub-asset classes, such as urban logistics and light industrial. This approach allows us to achieve attractive returns and develop country-specific strategies.

Implementing the required competences

Key factors for success: local presence and expertise

To achieve the necessary target structure, it’s crucial to have the necessary skills and resources in-house.

This can be achieved through various means such as hiring new talent, empowering existing teams, outsourcing specific tasks, or through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Having local presence and expertise, as well as a strong network, are key to gaining access to new markets and products.


Structured consideraton of costs and benefits for qualified decisions

The results and parameters from the market analysis and the development of the target organization must be analyzed comprehensively to assess costs and effort.

To create a clear picture of the investment opportunity, a business case is developed that considers product and organization. The target allocation and returns, paired with validated investment timelines, allow for an accurate calculation of financial key performance indicators (KPIs), expected return on investment (ROI), and cash-on-cash return based on best-practice business case modeling.

To support the final decision-making, a thorough examination of the internal organization and the adoption of a fee model in line with market standards is necessary. This includes creating balance sheets and P&L forecasts.


Comprehensive support: Conceptual Design - Licensing - Marketing

At the heart of our approach is the development of a sound investment structure and obtaining the necessary approvals for the designed product.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that all legal, tax and regulatory considerations are thoroughly reviewed and addressed. Our experienced project management team guides the process, overseeing all partners involved, including legal and tax experts, to ensure a smooth and successful licensing approval process.

With product approval in hand, we move forward with a well-planned and executed roadshow and marketing strategy, setting the stage for long-term success.

How TME can support you

  • Detailed information on various options for expanding the product offering, including special and mutual funds, open and closed-end funds, domestic and foreign structures, and regulated and unregulated vehicles.
  • Expert-led presentations on relevant topics, such as real estate investments abroad.
  • Facilitation of discussions and brainstorming sessions on key organizational requirements, target products, geographies, sectors, investment strategies, market access and entry strategies.
  • Identification and evaluation of internal and external requirements for the company, organization, and processes.

From Strategy to Operational Results

TME Transformation Management Experts offer comprehensive consulting solutions that drive results. We specialize in guiding clients from strategic planning to operational success, enabling transformations through a targeted focus on value-creating changes.

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Further fields of competence

Innovative investment products require a collaborative approach, with experts from various fields of expertise working together to ensure success. Our Investment Advisory team closely collaborates with our experts in other fields of competence to provide a holistic perspective:

Performance and Agility

Target Operating Model and International Organizations


Implementation of latest ESG / SDG regulatory requirements


Enabling management of cross-border investments and products

Portfolio Transformation

New and hybrid requirements

Customer Centric Services

External service provider tendering and management

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