Dr. Christina Hilger | Partner

Compliance Officer | Competence Lead Portfolio Transformation | Investment Advisory

Dr. Christina Hilger has more than 20 years of consulting and planning experience in complex construction projects, with a focus on office and industrial buildings. After studying in Germany, Cambridge, and the USA, she gained extensive experience in work concepts and project management & development, both as an independent consultant and in renowned companies such as Hilger, Law, Dunbar & Nasmith, Murphy/Jahn, Dirk Lohan, Chicago, HOK London, and HENN Architects.

Dr. Christina Hilger's consulting focus is on the development and implementation of workplace concepts with corresponding space and change management, as well as early, context-oriented holistic development of structured planning processes for construction projects. In addition to her long-standing, internationally oriented project experience, her work is inspired by research in the field of architectural sociology and various teaching activities on the necessity of socially responsible, systemic approaches in architecture and urban development in a global network society.

Within TME Associates, Dr. Christina Hilger is responsible for the competence area of Portfolio Transformation and is the Compliance Officer.