Join forces to reach the goal

Collaboration is a term we take serious: We bank on co-operation with our clients as vital asset, hence our project teams ideally involve participants from our clients.

Ten partners and four advisory board members form the TME-expert-team. They all have been working successfully either in the operating line or in consulting for years. Consequently, our clients can benefit from the latest developments and trends in the market.


Andreas Morath

Managing Partner


Arnd Reifenrath

Managing Partner


Ralph Siebald

Managing Partner


Thilo Junkes

Partner | Member of Supervisory Board


Marcus Marschall



Stephan Lückenkötter



Frank Ströhlein



Dr. Wolfgang Speckhahn



Christian Gebert



Dr. Ralf Hohenstatt



Dr. Manfred Hofacker



Tim Asson

UK Partner


Josef Brandhuber

Member of the Supervisory Board


Dr. Wolfgang Mansfeld

Member of the Supervisory Board


Thomas Voßkamp

Member of the Supervisory Board

Andreas Morath | Managing Partner

Andreas Morath disposes of more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of Real Estate Investment Management, Asset Management and Corporate Real Estate Management. After graduating in Business Administration in Mainz Andreas Morath mainly worked operatively in an international construction group as well as consultant for Dr. Seebauer & Partner and Oliver Wyman.
Andreas Morath is member of the management board and is in charge of finance & controlling.

Arnd Reifenrath | Managing Partner

Arnd Reifenrath disposes of more than 15 years of consulting experience in the fields of corporate real estate & facility management as well as asset management. He is very experienced in the implementation of international real estate projects. The Dipl.-Kaufmann (“Graduate in Business Administration”) spend his study times in Bamberg and San Diego, was then working as assistant of the chairman of the management board in one of the leading companies of the construction material industry and as Associate at Mercer Oliver Wyman.

Arnd Reifenrath is member of the management boards of TME CONSULTING GmbH and of TME Associates. He is also vice chairman of TME Institut e.V. For TME Associates he is in charge of strategy, internationalisation, marketing, sales, communication and law.

Ralph Siebald | Managing Partner

Ralph Siebald disposes of more than 25 years of experience in the fields of financial services, asset management and real estate investment management. After graduating in Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeographie (“Economic and Social Geographics”) in Heidelberg and Munich he was employed as consultant with BulwienGesa AG, later on as a partner with Dr. Seebauer & Partner and Oliver Wyman.
Ralph Siebald is member of the management board of TME Consulting GmbH, member of the Management Board of TME Associates and is in charge of the fields of human resources and IT.

Dr. Manfred Hofacker | Partner

Manfred Hofacker disposes of more than 20 years of experience in the field of facility management, especially in the development of new management and control models. He disposes of comprehensive expertise in the implementation of international real estate projects. As Physician he is graduated as Dr. rer. nat. of RWTH Aachen. Before his involvement with TME Associates acted as partner with St. Gallen Consulting Group/Mercer Management Consulting as well as Chief Process Officer for one of the major international facility management service providers.

Dr. Wolfgang Speckhahn | Partner

Dr. Wolfgang Speckhahn provides over 25-years of professional leadership experience in real estate investment and management as well as financial services and management consulting with focus to the development and implementation of corporate strategies, Investment Management and strategic portfolio management, development of investment products (legal, tax, regulatory), execution of strategic M&A transactions as well as corporate transformation and change processes. Based on his professional education in Law and real estate economics together with his international activities also in leading management positions, Dr. Speckhahn combines external views with operational and managerial experience of clients perspectives, contributing to the benefit of our clients in national and international consulting projects.

Marcus Marschall | Partner

More than 25 years of professional experience in real estate management, financial services and management consulting.

Overall real estate management record including debt & equity. Track record in interim management and restructuring, and in portfolio management and real estate, credit and enterprise risk management. Specific expertise in investment management, with capital market-oriented real estate strategies and real estate-based finance products.

Prior to joining TME Associates, Marcus was a Managing Director at real estate investment boutique Verianos AG. Before he served as a Partner and Head of Real Estate at management consultancy Oliver Wyman for 8 years, and as a partner at Dr. Seebauer & Partner management consultants for another 5 years. His advisory experience covers more than 160 projects in international settings.

Marcus holds degrees of the Technical University of Munich (Dipl.-Ing.) and the Munich School of Management (Dipl.-Kfm.).

Stephan Lückenkötter | Partner

Stephan Lückenkötter disposes of longstanding consulting and industry experience in the field of sales and marketing thereof nine years as director and proxyholder for the worldwide international business of renowned premium consumer brands. After graduating in national economics and business administration in Trier and Canterbury (UK) he started his career as assistant of the chairman of a word-wide market leader in the construction material industry, worked as advisor with AT Kearney and consecutively in the international management at Grundig AG, Fissler GmbH and Leifheit AG.
Stephan Lückenkötter is in charge of the business field Brands & Retail.

Frank Ströhlein | Partner

Frank Ströhlein has been working as professional consultant for Corporate Real Estate Management, Facility Management and Industrial Services since 1998.

He gained expert knowledge by working for international consultant companies as well as within a leading position for a major Facility Management service provider. Thereby the diploma certificated manager gained broad experience both from external perspective as well as from operative customer perspective and is able to integrate his knowledge into nationwide as well as international projects in the most profitable way.

The project experience of Frank Ströhlein ranges from strategy development to the implementation. His current consultancy focus are outsourcing, expansion strategy, merger and acquisition/ post merger integration, development of location strategy/ concepts, operational excellence and innovation management for real estate/ infrastructure users, operators as well as service providers.

Dr. Ralf Hohenstatt | Partner

Ralf Hohenstatt was working in the real estate industry for 10 years, thereof 7 years as a consultant.  His track record covers real estate strategy, organization | business development, sourcing and post merger integration across investment managers, corporates and service providers.  After studying economics (diplom) in Regensburg and Leicester he worked at the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS), still giving lectures at this platform until today. Since 2018 Ralf Hohenstatt is responsible for the CREM divison of TME.

Christian Gebert | Partner

Christian Gebert has many years of consulting and industry experience in the field of financial services, including about 10 years in the real estate industry. Prior to his engagement as a partner at TME Associates, he was leading the business operations, software engineering and process management at REAL I.S. AG. He began his career as a project manager in securities settlement and worked as a strategy and organization management consultant. His extensive project experience ranges from strategy development to the reorganization of processes and structures to system selection and implementation as well as the implementation of digitalization initiatives. At TME Christian Gebert is responsible for IT and digitalization.

Tim Asson | UK Partner

Tim Asson has over 30 years professional experience advising commercial property occupiers across the United Kingdom and throughout EMEA. He has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Estate Management and is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Tim specialises in working with occupiers on strategic property projects and managing the delivery of workplace, project management and transaction services. Before helping to establish the EMEA Corporate Solutions Team at Colliers International in London Tim spent 20 years at NB Real Estate where he established one of the leading Corporate Real Estate teams in the UK. Tim now works as an independent consultant managing projects for TME Associates’ clients in the UK.

Thilo Junkes | Partner

Thilo Junkes is an established professional for Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM), who understands Real Estate out of each perspective such as economical, technical and functional. He has been the Head of CREM for Deutsche Telekom for several years and built up the professional CREM structure as it is today. Mr. Junkes was responsible for the commercial, strategic and operational management of all facilities within the portfolio.

He understands the interests of corporates and of their customers holistically and thereby manages projects along the entire real estate lifecycle successfully. Examples are: Development and implementation of CREM controlling standards, implementation of location and object strategies, implementation of new workplace concepts (smart working), development of an external service provider steering and control system and an awarding system.

Dr. Wolfgang Mansfeld | Member of the Supervisory Board

Wolfgang Mansfeld is member of the Supervisory Board and disposes of more than 25 years of experience in the real estate business.
He started his professional career with Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.V. Since 1986 he has been operating in the real estate business, first at Deka and LGT-Group, since 1990 with the Union Investment-Group. 1994 he was designated as managing director of Union Investment Gesellschaft mbH and appointed as member of the managing board of Union Asset Management Holding AG in 1999.
Besides that Wolfgang Mansfeld was member of the managing board as well as Chairman of Ausschuss für Internationale Angelegenheiten (“Committee of International Affairs”) of BVI Bundesverband Investment and Asset Management e.V. as well as President of European Investment Federation FEFSI in Brussels. 2003/2004 he was involved in the project of the EU-Commission for the integration of European financial markets. In April 2004 he was appointed to Consultative Working Group Investment Management of Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR).

Thomas Voßkamp | Member of the Supervisory Board

Thomas Voßkamp is, in his capacity as chairman of bulwiengesa AG, in charge of the topics data structures and applications, forecast, portfolio methodology, quality assurance as well as finance/controlling. As of 1993 he has been starting and designing the development of professional data bases for the real estate industry. Thomas Voßkamp has been working for more than 20 years with bulwiengesa AG has been member of the board since 2006. Before he operated in the industry in the fields of procurement/finance. He studied amongst others Wirtschaftsgeografie (“Economic Geographic”) and Volkswirtschaft (“National Economy”) and is Graduate Geographer.

Josef Brandhuber | Member of the Supervisory Board

Josef Brandhuber is Diplomfinanzwirt („Graduate in Tax Administration“) and was operating as chairman of the management board of REAL I.S. AG. He disposes of more than 30 years of business experience in the fields of real estate asset management, concepts, fund management, real estate acquisition, shareholdings, tax and law as well as corporate management. Since January 2014 he has worked as an independent tax advisor and mediator with focus on real estate management.