Change Management & Communication


  • Companies often undergo a significant change process
  • Change processes according to experience cause fears and uncertainties for senior staff and employees with various patterns of reactions
  • From our experience we know that change processes have to be accompanied by consequent but also honest and open change and communication processes in order to achieve the implementation success

Project approach

  • Planning and preparation of a holistic change management and cascading communication plan
  • Consideration of involvement of all relevant interest groups (internally and externally)
  • Design of a mix of constructive instruments like
    • Transformation story, roadshow, new way of working
    • Change assessment and KPI workshops, ongoing employee surveys, change catalysts/agents, focus groups
    • Dialog forums, value mapping (establishment of exchange platform), learning maps
  • Attendance, steering and controlling of implementation change and communication
  • Preparation and recommendation of adapt tools/instruments
  • Assessment of success, quality, costs


  • Successfully implemented change process