Interim Management


  • Due to „special situations“ the company often requires the involvement of an interim manager
  • Occasions for involving an IM are for example: deficits in personnel, bottlenecks, special projects, restructuring, coaching as well as successions and implementation of restructuring
  • The interim manager becomes “employee” involved in hierarchies without a real employment. The basis is a service or advisor agreement. The service period amounts generally between 2 months and 1 year as a maximum. There is a limited subjectivity to instructions (clearly defined) and a respective right to issue directives in the company

Project approach

  • Set-up interim management
    • Adjustment to the day-to-day business
    • Execution of introduction talks with all stakeholders
    • Identification of all relevant special topics arisen from the operative business which have to be processed and solved
    • Getting familiar with current special topics. Short review status-quo and current milestone planning, identification of critical topics and spheres of action to be solved
  • Preparation of master plan and definition of implementation goals for the mandate
    • Assessment of all topics included having been identified from the set-up and then made concrete
  • Structuring of solution paths and consultation with assignor
  • Management of identified spheres of action
    • In the focus are stringent processing of spheres of action
    • Additionally for ensuring a smooth process the involvement of relevant parties and co-ordination of contents have a high priority
  • Summary & Handover


  • Successful execution of day-to-day business as well as special topics to be solved via involvement of highly-qualified expert with conceptual skills and practical experience as troubleshooter.
  • No labour law obligations but flexibility, neutrality and transfer of know-how.