• Benchmarking is a module for the assessment of a company organisation
  • Goal-oriented benchmarking shall consider the specific framework conditions of partners to be compared and to involve qualitative and quantitative parameters and structures

Project approach

  • Definition of parameters and structures to be compared (definition benchmarking/approach)
    • Benchmarking partner, extent and depth of analysis
    • Contribution of benchmarking input via TME project experience and if applicable contact to benchmarkeing partner
  • Collection and preparation of benchmarking
  • Assessment, evaluation and deduction spheres of action as well as generally contribution of status quo analysis


  • Preparation of a benchmark ensuring added value for assessing the company organisation. In this respect contribution of TME practical examples with various topics, different real estate managers, as well as organisation structure, processes, instruments, expertise about structures, tools, IT, software and reporting.
  • TME provides concrete experience from a variety of practical examples including interim management expertise.