Critical Date Management & Prestudies


  • Implemented but regularised corporate real estate departments with recourse shortage
  • Missing structuring of internal prioritisation of tasks and projects
  • Targets are aligned towards financial savings
  • Need for quick wins with existing structures

Project approach

  • Identification and analysis of real estate inventory regarding:
    • User
    • Space
    • Rent
    • Lease period
  • Analysis of involved regional real estate markets
  • Comparison of real estate inventory with the supply of the respective markets (overlap analysis)
  • Determination of real estate strategies and planning of required time frame regarding single locations (prolongations, rents of new properties, purchase of inventory properties or development of plots)
  • Recording of possible quick wins with single strategies
  • Time schedule overview of all measures identified for the planning of the required resource application
  • Smoothing of temporary peaks via short-term measures (e.g. prolongations) for the optimal application of resources
  • Execution of prestudies for in depth analysis of market and illustration of options for action
  • Playing the market participants for achieving the best possible negotiation positions


  • Decrease of property costs via influence on assessment process before closing of contracts
  • Reasonable prioritisation of pending tasks and projects
  • Preparation of roadmap of pending projects, periods, resources required and key aspects of assessment
  • Creation of transparency via determination of critical time frames
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of possible regional market options
  • Recommendations for action regarding strategic approach for letting, purchases or project developments